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Active Shooter Incident Readiness

Before, During, and After Training Fundamentals for Your Workforce

December 5, 2018 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST

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As employers and Americans, we are in the midst of a devastating trend. Active shooter incidents are increasing, with the greatest percentage occurring in commercial settings as reported by the FBI. Beyond these extreme incidents, the Department of Justice estimates that 1 million workers witness or are victims of violence at work each year. Given the frequency and severity of these violent incidents, we no longer can be so naïve as to think we are exempt from incidents of workplace violence. But with proper training and preparation, these risks can be minimized, and lives can be saved.

Under the General Duty Clause of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, employers must maintain a safe work environment free from recognized hazards likely to cause serious harm—even if no standard or regulation applies. That means under the OSH Act’s general duty clause, in the event of an active shooter or other incident of workplace violence, what a business does before, during, and after an attack may be subject to substantial scrutiny.

While no one can predict and stop every violent attack, there are certain critical steps every employee can take to minimize risks in this type of unthinkable emergency.

Join us on Wednesday, December 5 for a FREE webinar where active shooter incident readiness training (ASIRT) expert, and Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium speaker Hector Sanchez will share critical insights into what to do before, during, and after an active shooter situation and how to train employees to identify red flags and alarming behavior to prevent workplace violence in all forms.

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The Essential Guide to Employee Engagement

When a gunman opens fire, statistical data predicts that on average nearly a dozen people will be injured and at least 3 will be killed. With the number of active shooter incidents rising, preventing workplace violence must be a top priority of employers across all industries. Management has a critical responsibility to equip their workforce with the tools and tactics to mitigate the potentially tragic impact of an active assailant scenario or other incidents of workplace violence.

To help you fulfill this responsibility, BLR® has created this exclusive Insider Report outlining the critical information around response plan preparation, employee training, and peer best practices so you best can position your employees for success—and survival. We hope this tactical playbook will help you minimize the devastating consequences that can result from being unprepared and help prevent incidents of workplace violence from occurring in the first place.

Presented By

Hector Sanchez, CPP

ASIRT Expert
Holistic Secured Operations Inc.

Hector Sanchez is a Board-Certified Security Professional with over 32 years of operational experience in the areas of safety, protection, and security developed in the security and IT industries. His journey started in the U.S. Army with Special Operations, NATO, and Conventional units around the world. Then, he joined AT&T in Miami where he was responsible for the security, technical operation, and around-the-clock availability of 16 wireless stations located in the most dangerous places with 100% success results on all assigned objectives. Later, he joined an international telecom operator from Latin America that provided operational support for Fortune 500 organizations.

In 2017, Mr. Sanchez became the President and Lead Consultant of Holistic Secured Operations, Inc., which specializes in the provisioning of security professional services with programs holistically developed, tailored, and managed for each corresponding industry, market, and geographical location. Holistic Secured Operations works with law enforcement and private sector committees with focus on the safety, protection, and security of county schools.

In addition, Mr. Sanchez is an active advocate and public speaker in many areas of safety, protection, and security. He will be speaking at the Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium in San Antonio, TX in March 2019.

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